“When wedding cake artistry
collides with the world of luxury.”

Offering an exclusively curated experience for each client, Hayley Elizabeth Designs unravels the layers of your story, sculpting a masterpiece that could only ever be yours. With an emphasis on aesthetics and exceptional service, Hayley has worked at some of the world’s most prestigious venues to create wedding cakes that are out of this world. 


Hayley builds a relationship with each and every client to take a vision and transform it into something real, something tangible and something spectacular. Her designs encompass all the senses, finessed down to every detail, delving beyond the boundaries of wedding cake artistry. 

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Made for clients who want a visually spectacular wedding cake that has been designed around their distinctive style. Book an initial consultation to enjoy your first taste of Hayley Elizabeth Cake Design, where you can discover the menu and discuss your visions. There is a fee for a tasting consultation which will be deducted from your full order. After a tasting and design consultation, Hayley provides couples with a bespoke proposal detailing the creation and design of your wedding cake. Each wedding cake is hand delivered within London and the South East.